June 22, 2017

You Just Can't Satisfy Everyone (Warning: Graphic Material)

From T&E Meats website;
Joel Salatin with some of his cattle
It's interesting to see what other people are doing in farming and agriculture and how some of the more "out there" folks are trying to make a change to the agricultural food system and how food should really be produced.

A three-part series on YouTube on Polyface Farm showcased Joel Salatin's perspectives on the ethics and politics with agriculture, as well as some of his production practices with rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cattle, and pigs. I'll say right up front I enjoyed the hour and a half spent watching these videos.

But of course I can't resist the urge to scroll through the comments below. And on the first video, one of the comments that I was itching to comment, but didn't because I knew it wouldn't change the person's viewpoints and ideologies anyway, popped out at me like a sore, infection-ridden thumb.

Here's what it said:
"No happy animal wants to die to become your food. This is not food this is deceiving the animals and cruel."
Just can't please them all, can we, Joel?

If you haven't caught the heavy drift coming across this comment, it's pretty obvious that this is someone who's been brainwashed in the cult called "animal rights activism" or rather the slacktivist ideological nutty bullshittery of vegan propaganda.

I know, I'm cruel, I'm mean. But really I have no problems with veganism as a diet. It's the radical animal activism that I have a major problem with.

So let's discuss this hilariously misinformed comment, shall we?

Now, I commend Joel for what he's done and has been trying to do for all of what, 30 or 40 years now, and with is son Daniel is starting to taking over. He really tries to do things as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible.

But damn it, you just cannot satisfy everyone!

I've already discussed the ridiculous surmise that "animals don't want to die" in THIS post. Here's something that's worth repeating:
Of course animals don't want to die; they [will] obviously make any effort they [possibly] can to survive and live another day, no matter if they are wild or domesticated. But they do not have a choice in when [nor] how they are going to die, [even when the fact is] that they may need to die to feed [one or more hungry animals].
So, if animals don't want to die, and yet they have no control as to when or how they will die--because no animal lives forever, let's just make that clear--nor do they have any control, after they've died, in deciding what happens to their bodies, then how can this system that Joel has, be "deceiving the animals"?

From Grassroots & Gardening Blog;
Polyface Farm's Chickenmobile Laying coop!
The animals really don't care about what's going to happen to them after die, or if the fact that they have to die to become food. And did I mention already that animals have zero control over what happens to their bodies after they die?

So really, there is absolutely nothing cruel about how Salatin raises these animals, nor is this anything to do with "deceiving" nor betraying an animal! Clearly these animals are very happy to eat to their hearts desire, be moved to new fresh fodder almost every day, and to be with other animals out in the open fresh air... Just how can someone find this to be "cruel"??

As Joel says, they live all their lives as happy they can be and they just have one bad day where they are killed, but are killed in such a way that they barely even know what happened or why. They die peacefully, and their bodies are not gone to waste.
This is the work of wolves.

And the methods to which these animals are eventually slaughtered are such that it's not stressful on the animal, nor does it cause much pain, fear, or distress. It is much more distressful for a hen to get caught and eaten by a hawk or owl than it is to get slaughtered with a very sharp knife stuck in a metal cone. And a cow would probably sooner get killed with a bullet to the head than have itself hamstringed and anal cavity chewed out by wolves.

Yet the ARA vegans think that this is somehow not cruel, and not a betrayal of the animals. Well, tell you what: Gimme an effin' break! 

While I enjoy debating those vegan ARAs on their "scientific facts" and showing them just how stupid their parroted nonsense really is (and I've been blocked by several on Facebook for doing just that, which I call good wins), what really pisses me off and gets me into my terrifying mother-bear-protecting-cubs mode is when they start implying or even dare say that it's okay for an animal to suffer a slow and painful death by injury, disease, or even predatory attack, and do nothing about it.

Oh, because it's so cruel to "murder" or outright kill an animal!

Really?? It's cruel to kill an animal that's in so much pain that it can't even move, can't eat, or can't even function normally? It's cruel to kill an animal that is sick or injured beyond any sort of veterinary help, and obviously going through excruciating distress? Once again, gimme a f***ing break!!

They'd sooner sit back in a lawn chair sucking back their soy lattes and watch the animal die nice and slow. Watch that laboured breathing, blood slowing dripping out of its wounds, those widened eyes that are just screaming for anyone to come and just end this torture! PLEASE, just END this!!

And they'd do nothing. Instead they'd take pictures, take a video, and post all of this on their favourite vegan social platforms, and go ahead and blame someone else for this "horrendous cruelty."

Never would you get them to look in the mirror to see who's really encouraging this unspeakable horror.

I damn sure hope that made you squirm uncomfortably in your chair.

Vegan ARAs aren't saving any animals by what they do on social media. They aren't even saving animals by supporting these glorified petting zoos called "farm sanctuaries." In fact, they're contributing to the betrayal and cruelty of the treatment of animals.

I've seen photos of how animals are in "farm sanctuaries" like The Gentle Barn. Oh good Lord what a hornet's nest that is.

Holstein with in-growing horn.
There's no reason to believe that this horn is actually loose.
You want to see animal cruelty there that is deliberately ignored, go check out the GB. Cows that are extremely fat, some with progressively worse ruptured abdominal walls, one cow with a horn continually growing into her skull, pigs that are obese and barely get their feet trimmed, very fat goats, and a sad-looking three-legged steer that looks to be in a bit of pain. There are more than that.

And they deliberately lie to their "fans" that those animals are just fine, the horn on that cow is loose, those cows are okay and not in pain, the steer's doing perfectly well, etc.

I know they lie because I've known several people who had comments deleted, phone calls ignored, and even blocked from the GB pages for offering advice and pointing out that the animals in their care are suffering and need help.

And yet this person on YouTube had the gall to call Joel Salatin's practices cruel and a betrayal to animals?

I did say it was funny, because it actually is, but I find it also sad and maddening at the same time.

See, only maybe 2% of the population in North America has some bit of a clue of how to raise animals and have worked with them, including yours truly. The rest of the 98% either 1) don't know at all and want to know, 2) think they know and really don't (and don't want to admit it), or 3) just don't care.

It's the second group that that person is clearly a part of, and are the most dangerous to the rest of society, particularly those that care about animals and want to go into actually raising them.

And those who do their best to raise animals to the best of their ability so that those animals are in fact living a full and happy life work hard to do so.

But damn it, even when a person like Joel is doing that, and being transparent about it, there's bound to be some folks who are still not satisfied enough with it.

And there's nothing you can do about it, really.
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